ArTecne 2014

ArTecne is a program innitiated by Surya University that is the first research hub university in Indonesia in order to introduce and promote both academic and research center programs of the univeristy to the wider community. ArTecne I – Xplore the Future aims to showcase the research outcome by scientists and student researchers, interactive science demonstraions, collaborative research projects with Indonesian Army, technology based art exhibitions, and the study programs of each department. As part of ArTecne I, ARCOLABS exhibits Arbotics to reintroduce how art and science can co-exist and also mutually supportive to each other.

Arbotics is a future-oriented exhibition that explores a convergence between art and science through the concept of a robot. This exhibition aims at drawing a future map of creative scene while weighing in new artistic paradigm emerged in robotic era—which is both “here”, and “coming”. Rather than building a robot in the literal sense, this exhibition is rested on a view of how the robotics as an idea is interpreted and elaborated by the artists through the up-to-date art of kinetic, interactive and robotic installations. By bridging the two distinct disciplines, Arbotics will also provide audience with fun and easy access to the fascinating combination of the two.

Date: 18 ~ 23 August 2014
Place: STKIP Surya University