Kaleidoscope: Art, Technology and Playfulness

Initially invented as a scientific tool in the early 19th century, a kaleidoscope also serves as an aesthetic and entertaining media.  By nature, it works based upon the rules of mathematics and logic, yet leads to a realm of illusion and fantasy.  In a similar spirit, the works presented in this exhibition, despite the fact that they are mainly aided by digital manipulation, do not abandon but pursue a sense of craftsmanship.  More importantly, the digital technology incorporated in these works helps ensure the artist’s imagination become a reality by reanimating the past, creating hybrid creatures, and even teleporting from one place to another.  When art meets digital technology, artistic expression is boundless, and it is this idea that lies behind this exhibition.

Like the pleasure of looking through a kaleidoscope, this exhibition hopes to unfold the ever-changing possibilities of an imaginary world which blurs the boundary between the real and the virtual.  It also hopes to present how the vision of Surya University, to be a center of excellence in science and technology, encourages artistic practice of our time.

Center for Art and Design
Surya University

Kaleidoscope: Art, Technology and Playfulness
September 3rd, 2013
10am ~ 5pm
Assembly Hall lobby at Jakarta Convention Center

Andi RHARHARHA and Ricky “Babay” Janitra
Budi Adi Nugroho
Ika Yulianti
Krisna Murti
Lius Lasahido
Mujahidin Nurrahman
Prilla Tania
Ryuuka Nagare

This exhibition is presented by Center for Art and Design, Surya University in celebration of the university’s inaugural First Lecture program.

Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center
Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jakarta 10270