MADE OF: Stories of the Material

Lorong Gallery’s discursive agenda of contemporary craft narratives and practices, the collaboration between Arcolabs Jakarta and Lorong Gallery tries to intervene with new perspectives proposed by the curators Arham Rahman and Adelina Luft through the works of five local young artists from a diverse artistic media background: Abud Andri William, FJ Kunting, Gintani Swastika & Yahya Dwi Kurniawan, Julian Abraham “Togar”, and Yosefa Aulia.

We depart from the understanding that craft practices are not merely subjected to their materiality but more essentially to the relational aspects of its processes. In this group exhibition we explore three core elements of crafts as a way of thinking and making – the material, its provenance, and the processes implied – to reveal uncounted stories of their social and cultural attached dimensions.

The exhibition “Made Of: Stories of the Material” is concerned with looking at and revealing different dimensions that lie behind the craft object by means of decomposing and disassembling the works, understood as a way to narrate beyond visual limited constructions. How can we bring the narrations of a material that inherent various social and cultural dimensions to the exhibition space? What stories are bound to be told from various investigations into the provenance and processes of the localized material?

The artists invited will narrate their artistic researches related to the threefold relationship between material, provenance, and process through the various media they commonly explore with open-ended output possibilities. In essence, the works will speak about sociocultural realities related to the unseen aspects of practices related – more or less directly – to the realm of crafts.

5 May – 5 June 2018

Abud Andri William
FJ Kunting
Gintani Swastika & Yahya Dwi Kurniawan
Julian Abraham “Togar”
Yosefa Aulia

Arham Rahman
Adelina Luft

Opening Events
Saturday, 5 May 2018
18.00 – 21.00
Art performance by FJ Kunting
Participatory works
by Yosefa Aulia (Bandung) and
Gintani Swastika & Yahya DW (Yogyakarta)

Artist Talk
Monday, 7 may 2018

Weekend Film Screening and Discussion
by Festival Film Dokumenter
with Alia Damaihati
Thursday, 17 May 2018

Student Short Document
1. Bangku Untuk Remaja, Dwi Astuti
2. Kampung tudung, yuni Etifah
3. Jenetri (pelajar), muslihan
4. Penderes dan Pengidep , Yudhi Fiansyah

Galeri Lorong
Jl. Nitiprayan, Dusun Jeblok, Rt.01, Dukuh 3
Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta