Pekan Seni Media 2019: Sinkronik

Media art week is an art activity initiated by the directorate of arts, directorate general of culture, ministry of education and culture of the republic of indonesia. These art activities include the media art week exhibition (which features artists working with technology and media in their art practices); media art seminar; media art workshop; media art education tour, media art socialization; and the development of the indonesian media art database platform.

Opening Night

Thank you to Mr. Restu Gunawan, Mr. Andre Tubagus, Mr. Ananto Kusuma Seta and the entire team from East Kalimantan Province and media colleagues from Samarinda for all their support so that this Pekan Seni event can be carried out smoothly.


Artist Talk – Working with the Media
“Working with the Media”, the talk session of artist SYNCHRONIC last Saturday. In this session, which was guided by curator Evelyn Huang, the artists talked about what was behind their work. The average artist takes inspiration from memory
Media and Youth Seminar
The Artist Talk discusses media art as an interesting new medium. There are elements of time, interactive, and audience participation to create media art. A successful creator must be able to bring up topics that are not only of interest to himself but to many others, if we can capture that – the media we use are endless.

Synchronic Works

This exhibition aims to synchronize the self with nature and the universe
– without depar ting from the unique and distinct personal expressions,
as an attempt to rekindle the reality and the virtual, the physical and the immaterial. At this current pace of modern developments, human becomes more and more distant with nature and the universe.


Fun Robotica For Kids

There were two workshop sessions with @honf_lab. The first is to make a simple robot powered by dynamo. First designing a robot toy on paper, then learning to connect the wires to the dynamo and installing switches. When two batteries are inserted the robot can move!

Basic Electronic Art

Students get hands-on experience from tutor Yudi Asmoro to find out the basics of electronics, battery powered devices, cable connections, and how all these basic needs can actually be turned into works of art.

Domestic Hacking and Bio Material & Textile

In these two workshop sessions, students were invited to take a deeper look at organic ingredients commonly found in kitchens and at home. If the domestic hacking session seeks to find DNA in fruit juices, in the bio-materials session, students experiment to make bio-plastic sheets from organic materials that can be biodegradable and more environmentally friendly.

Multimedia Show

In line with the silent stone work that FJ Kunting is exhibiting, in this performance he is surrounded by stones which are silent witnesses of humans who continue to speak. Collaborating with @musiksarana who blended the noise with the voices that spread to foam, Si Batu, did not budge, but kept the event until the end of time.

Gallery Tour