Ring-Around implies a process of going (around) together to visit a variety of art initiatives to gain new knowledge and art skills that become an infinite (ring) of impact to one another.

The first episode of Ring-Around invite the student participants from junior and senior high schools in Jakarta and bring them to 3 art initiatives – GudSkul, Kilau Art Studio, and Weichert Art Studio. During this trip, the students will have an experience of exploring each space, learning their activities, and discussing their roles within an Indonesian art ecosystem. At the end of the trip, the students will have an opportunity to develop their own idea of initiating one of the art initiatives, which will be presented on our social media.

4 February, 2023

Art Tour & Discussion
Gudskul (Art collective)
Kilau Art Studio (Alternative art space)
Weichert Art Studio (Media artist)


Our first stop was Gudskul and Mas Kevin, the manager, brought us to “Art Tour”. We dived into the amazing art collectives and their on-going showcases, from Gudside, Grafis Huru Hara Studio, Ruru Kids, and Ruru Shop, Stufo Labs to “NGEREMBES” and “Cerita Keseharian” exhibitions. After that, we moved to “Art Discussion” session led by the speaker Mas M.G. Pringgotono, the director of Gudskul. He shared all important aspects of art collectives in the art ecosystem, their potentials and pitfalls, and also tips on how to sustain them.

Kilau Art Studio

Kilau Art Studio is a unique art space with the aim of supporting artists working with various art forms. We began with “Art Discussion” and Mas Saepul explained the meaning of alternative art space as opposed to the mainstream, and its role in the art ecosystem. He also shared their activities, particularly how they make the best use of ‘limited’ space and resources to create art. Lastly, the participants were invited to “Art Tour” of the mini art exhibition on display at the Rolling Door Art Gallery within the complex.

Weichert Art Studio

The artist Lenny Weichert provided valuable insights into media art and inspired the participants to become artist with their own voice during “Art Discussion”. Discussion continued at “Art Tour” where we had a chance to see Ms. Lenny’s fascinating arts up close, learning about her creative process, exploring the concept in depth, and understanding the role of media art in our society.

Outcomes of Ring-Around

Kelabu Team from SMA Perguruan Rakyat 2 has developed a prototype of an art collective through the “Oma Opa” program, which involves the participation of elderly people from Pati Jompo. Together, they have created a unique and new art ecosystem.

Kembang Hotspurs from SMP Kembang have created a prototype of an art space called “ForRest Artspace”. It is located in a forest and includes a mini zoo, providing artists and audiences with a chance to connect with nature.

Niscala Art Team from SMA Yadika 1 Jakarta has developed a prototype of an art collective that focuses on art education and art history. Niscala Art offers a cross-art program that includes art collaboration, modern music & dance, and art expression spaces.

Tamsies from SMA Taman Madya 1 Jakarta has created a prototype of an art space EPZ Kids Creative that educates children about recycling. The program involves the transformation of waste into toys and objects of artistic value.