Workshop Are You Ready To The Mars Mission?

Are You Ready To The Mars Mission? is a workshop to built a module system to prepare for a new life on Mars, which is called the Mars mission. This workshop aims to stimulate artistic imagination to explore how to make Mars a second Earth.

Isolated in one’s own “room” and utilizing any available materials within it, the participants develop an idea and create a module that will help us find the solution for Mars living. The workshop outcome will be presented at the end of the program and also showcased at the Indonesia UFO Festival in 2023 in Yogyakarta.

Day 1

The program begins with an orientation on December 3, 2022 which introduced our instructor space science artist, Venzha Christ and 12 participating groups.

Venzha began by sharing his experience in taking part of a planet Mars life simulation training in Utah America where he explored what is necessary to build a new habitation for humans considering different physical conditions to planet Earth.

During the 2 x 24 hours of isolation, participants will build their scientific knowledge of the planet Mars and come up with imaginary tools and modules that can be useful for survival.

Day 2 & Day 3

After the orientation session, the next agenda for the workshop was a presentation session by instructor Venzha Christ on December 4, 2022 followed by two mentoring sessions on December 5, 2022.

On the first day, Venzha Christ shared about Mars and survival simulations on the planet using imaginary tools and module produced based on scientific and artistic perspectives.

On the second day of the workshop, Venzha guided the participants through consultation sessions to discuss on their ideas of imaginary tools and the modules that they had designed as a group.