XLORE 2019: Open Call

ARCOLABS and HONF FOUNDATION invite submissions from young artists for XPLORE: New Media Art Incubation program to be held in July 2019. The open call provides a platform to support innovative and creative new media artwork responding to today’s challenges. The selected participants will gain a series of mentorship programs held in both Jakarta and Yogyakarta prior to the final showcase in Yogyakarta.

This year the program is themed around Eco-Data as both ecology and data are the most compelling issues today. Ecology aligns with the ongoing shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle and environmental consciousness while understanding patterns in data is essential in making decision of what is possible in the future. By interpreting and elaborating the data from our environments, the artists taking part of this program will suggest how new media art can contribute to our life.

The final showcase in July will be held at Gallery IFI, Yogyakarta and the Post-XPLORE exhibition is scheduled in October in Nasional Gallery Indonesia, Jakarta.


In JakartaIn Yogyakarta
Designed to equip the participant with the conceptual and practical knowledge in the new media art, which includes:Designed to enhance the participant’ design thinking and creation in the new media art, which includes:
1. New Media Art and Data
2. New Media Art through Practices
3. Media Art Festivals and Events
4. Portfolio Building and
5. Artist Statement and Social
Media Writing
1. Electronic Art Workshops*
2. Nature Trip
3. Art Space and Studio Visit
4. Showcase
* Workshops include basic coding, open source software, Arduino, data signal, sustainable medium, and can be developed on demand.


Proposal submission via email on May 31, 2019
Selected proposal announcement via email on June 7, 2019

First Meeting and Workshops on July 6-7, 2019Check-in and workshops on July 8-14, 2019
Idea generation and production July 15-18, 2018
Showcase preparation on July 19-20, 2019
Showcase on July 21, 2019


  1. Submit portfolio as a single file application to: admin@arcolabs.org
  2. Name the attached file submission as “OPEN CALL_Applicant’s Name_Portfolio”
  3. Write the email subject as “OPEN CALL_Applicant’s Name”
  4. Include the following documents in the portfolio:
    • Cover letter (statement of intent)
    • CV (artist group must send individual member’s CV)
    • Profile photo
    • Artist statement (general interest and focus)
    • Work images and descriptions (past and recent)
    • Video links (as work and/or documentation)
    • Proposal on Eco-Data (background, concept, medium, technique, sketch)

NOTE: For further information, visit www.arcolabs.org or contact admin@arcolabs.org