XPLORE 2019: New Media Art Incubation

New Media Art Incubation this year began with the belief that art can perform as a partner of ecological actions and agent of community changes. Acknowledging the environmental threats and its impact to all species, three young artists explore the way in which our life is related to the environment. In doing so, the artists pay attention to a variety of ecological problems, including pollution, and its effect on public health; city and sanitation; and civilization in regards to the environment.

New Media Art Incubation aims to support emerging artists of the new media art scene in Indonesia and Southeast Asia by equipping them with the skills and networks needed to contribute solutions to current and future challenges. Through a series of mentorship program, the artists discussed ecology and data as its main themes of this year, becoming more aware of the ecological shift towards a sustainable lifestyle and understanding the essential aspect of data in making decision of what is possible in the future. By interpreting and elaborating data from our environments, the artists suggest how the creative endeavour by new media art can contribute to our life


Jakarta, July 6, 2019

Welcome and Artist Presentation

Elements and Principles of
Media Art

New Media Art and Data

Session IV
Artist Statement and
Social Media Writing

New Media Art through
Activities and Practices

Art and Eco-Data

Portfolio Building and

Pitching Practice

Yogyakarta, July 8, 2019

Greet & Meet

Visiting art spaces and exploring culture scene in Yogyakarta
By HONF Foundation

Yogyakarta, July 10, 2019

Make Your Own Zine and

Learning how to conduct an
ethnographic research,
including writing and photographing, to create participants’ own zine
Learning how to make wine
with rose and spices
By Shabia Nurasla
(Ethnography Writer &
Researcher YK Zine)

Yogyakarta, July 11, 2019

Introduction to Analogue
Electronic Art and Circuit

Learning how to make and
assemble electronic circuits
By Yudianto Asmoro
(Artist HONF Foundation)

Yogyakarta, July 13, 2019

Domestic Hacking and Sustainable Material

Exploring a bio hacking with domestic kitchen
By Liyana Fuad
(Artist HONF Foundation)

Nature Tour View

Exhibition View

Pitching View