Dialogue with the Senses

The 4th KOREA-INDONESIA Media Installation Art
Dialogue with the Senses
October 21 ~ November 3, 2016
@ Galeria Fatahillah

Anang Saptoto
Choi Suk Young
Elia Nurvista
Fajar Abadi
Heri Dono
Hye Rim Lee
Kim Hyung Joong
Park Seung Soon
Ricky “Babay” Janitra

Curated by Jeong-ok Jeon

Exhibition                            : Oct. 21 – Nov. 3, 2016
Media gathering               : Friday, Oct. 21, 17.00-18.00
Opening event                  : Friday, Oct. 21, 19.00–22.00
Gallery hour                       : 09.00 – 19.00 (This exhibition is free and open for public everyday)

Oct. 29, 11.00-12.00
Oct. 30, 11.00-12.00

Info: Bebby +62 812 8185 1165

Oct. 22, 11.00-14.00
3D Anamorphic with Anang Saptoto
: Using visual illusion technique to create images, children are invited to take part in artist’s artwork

Oct. 30, 11.00-13.00
Food miniature from clay
: Children and parents will explore clay to create popular food miniature of Indonesia and Korea

Oct. 30, 14.00-16.00
Scrapbook from found objects
: Children and parents will express daily journey by creating scrapbook

Info: Daniella +62 857 7856 7210

Oct. 23, 09.00-13.00
Photo woven image
: Combining two different photos to create a hybrid image

Oct. 23, 14.00-18.00
Experimental tapestry
: Weaving using non-machine tools to experiment with various textures

Oct. 29, 09.00-18.00
Visual mapping
: Creating a projection of numerous patterns and shapes from daily objects

Info: Wahyudi +62 813 8744 8515

Korea-Indonesia Media Installation Art Exhibition was first mounted in 2013 as a celebration of the 40th year of diplomatic relations between Korea and Indonesia. As an annually held cultural exchange program featuring new media and installation art, this year marks its 4th occasion, introducing the most up-to-date contemporary works of art by young, talented artists from two nations.

Titled ‘Dialogue with the Senses,’ this year’s program aims to explore ‘sensory experience’ and its significance in the course of our lives. Physical ‘sense’ has been devalued against abstract ‘reason’ throughout history, despite the fact that sensory perception is our primary mode of relating to the outside world. The exhibition also challenges the long-term privileging of ‘sight’ in the appreciation of art, and recovers the power of other physical senses such as hearing, smell, taste and touch as equally valuable.

Living in the era of digital media, we experience how multiple senses operate together as one sense evokes another. Through such synesthesia of experience, we recognize that instead of merely observing phenomena around us using one kind of sense, we actively utilize a range of bodily senses to communicate and interact with our surroundings. Such a reliance on our bodily senses also occurs when we encounter new cultures, and in this respect, the artists in this exhibition suggest a way of appreciating other cultures through sensory experiences stimulated by their work.

The exhibition features 9 artists from Korea and Indonesia. Indonesian artist Elia Nurvista’s sculpture installation presents her reinterpretation of colonial history intertwined with ‘sugar’. Sweet and bitter at the same time, her work can be tasted by audiences, as an act of getting in touch with their unknown history. Korean artist Park Seung Soon showcases media art content for audiences to play a variety of traditional Indonesian instruments through direct contact with the water contained in a glass bowl.

Held in Galeria Fatahillah, Kota Tua, Jakarta from October 21 to November 3, the exhibition will provide audience members with a wide spectrum of art from the two countries that combines the latest technology. It will also encourge a reconsideration of the vital role played by the ‘senses’ in experiencing and remembering the dynamic cultures of Korea and Indonesia.





Public Program


Food Minature Clay



Video Mapping

Woven Image