Dreams of Spring

The most inspiring and unforgettable story that I have ever read as a teenager is the story about a high school boy who was wandering around his town in New York after being expelled from his school. Confronting his failure in school and hopelessness in life, and criticizing hypocrite and ‘phony’ of adulthood, he became a symbol of adolescent anxiety expressed by his provocative thoughts and behaviors throughout the story. Despite the cultural and time distance, it was the most delightful way-out for me as a teenage girl who was facing an infinite competition with other peers day by day in a society where only the number one would be recognized and the best be survived. More than a quarter of a century has passed, but the inspiration from the story never vanishes and continues to remind me of how much our youth influences our life.

During my first meeting with the artists and knowing their motivation for organizing the exhibition, I found my teenage self reflected onto their stories and felt a strange overlapping of experiences between my past days with their present situation. Not long after, many of their stories awakened my experiences vividly. I thought that it would be great to create an exhibition that reminds us of our own youth that may appear to be something common, but actually contains noteworthy uniqueness in each experience. Dreams of Spring is an exhibition that presents untold stories of youth by seven young artists who grew up in this new millennia. As the representative of youth culture, the artists show their characteristics of being independent, passionate, innocent, and yet, rebellious.

Some artists show how they adopt changes in life into a daily routine through their visual journal, some are paying attention to new relationships between individuals and society, which come as hope and frustration, and others are dealing with their holding on to their past that are complexly remembered. From autobiographical to social, their stories are as varied as their use of mediums and expressions. However, they all illustrate one important attempt, which is a search for their own identity. This exhibition suggests not the final piece of work, but the fruit of artistic progress. Even though not all artists pursue a visual art, but all of them aim for their own artistic dreams. Like blossoming flowers in spring that endured the long lasting winter, these youth artists’ endeavor to overcome growing pains and anxieties are fruitfully carried out through their art.

Anaya Anjar
Laeticia Viorentine
Noachbriantte Zwezda
Shilfina Putri
Ruqayyah Cetta
Yang Adinda

Jeong-ok Jeon

18 – 24 August 2018
10Am – 11 Pm

August 18th at 7Pm

Practice On Aesthetics
All thinks Beautiful and
Where to Find Them
18th at 7.30pm
23rd & 24th at 3pm

Misty building JL.Kaliurang Km 5,
Pandega Karya No.290