Open House: Bolsena 30

The Center for Art and Design at Surya University celebrates the opening of Bolsena 30, its new home and creative center in the Bolsena complex at Scientia.

Bolsena 30 is a place where alternative art practices will be stimulated through various art and culture activities including exhibitions, workshops, lectures and music performances.  It will also serve as a platform for the local art community to showcase their artistic talent and gain collaborative opportunities.

As Open House implies, this event is an invitation to ‘open up’ any possibilities that may lead to diverse and innovative ideas by means of productive dialogue and vibrant contributions by all respected participants.

Open House-Bolsena 30 includes arts of various media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, print-making, film and animation dedicated by artists at the center.  It also exhibits a series of publications and writings in the form of a mini-library including exhibition catalogues, books, and essay compilations contributed by the center’s researchers.

As a showcase of artistic growth, this exhibition also presents the works of Surya University students who have participated in the center’s drawing and painting workshop programs conveying the outcomes of their two months of artistic endeavors and creative passion.  With a focus on ‘process’ as the vital element in art, Open House-Bolsena 30 will present us with the unexpected.

Come and check out what’s possible at Bolsena 30.

Alexia Cahyaningtyas
Ardiyan Sah
Hilmi Fabeta
Jean-Baptiste Brelière
Jeong-ok Jeon
Karna Mustaqim
Sanja Pawarto
Yanuar surady
Yuka Dian Narendra

13 December, 2013 ~ 10 January, 2014
Opening event
At 6pm until 10pm on Friday, 13 December, 2013
Special music mix by Irama Nusantara (David Tarigan and Denny Sakrie)

General information
The exhibition is on view through 10 January, 2014
Ruko Bolsena Blok C no. 30, Tangerang