Popcon Asia Graffiti Revolution

Grattifi Revolution is a long term effort to introduce graffiti as a form of art to a wide range of audience. As a way of expression by unspecified number of young people in Indonesia, graffiti is universal phenomena that can be found anywhere across the country. Despite the ongoing dispute around graffiti as an act of vandalism, it is one of the most popular forms of creative activities that influence young urban artists.

As part of PopCon Asia 2016, one of the biggest convention in popular culture, Graffiti Revolution aimed to focus on graffiti’s creative aspect relating to artistic content and commodity design. Like comics and animations, many of graffiti artists have their own iconic characters in their drawing that are also developed into commodities such as T-shirts, bags, stickers, postcards, and even comic books. Such commercial potential of graffiti were motivated to participate in PopCon Asia.