Custom Toy

Extraterrestrial Zone: Custom Toy Workshop
A project group of Dila (Fahla Fadhillah Lotan) and Otong (R. Bonar D. Senan Putro) are inspired by Graffiti and Pop Art and also influenced by the traumatic events of childhood. They create collages of all different segments from some materials like toys, Barbie dolls, Wayang puppets, fabrics, batiks, magazines, beads, and screws. By taking parts from one context and piecing them together into another, their sculptures become hybrid, grotesque, yet fantastic mythical characters found in fantasy movies. ThedeoMIXBLOOD is certainly gifted at embodying what is indescribable into works of art.

Instructor: thedeoMIXBLOOD
Date: Sunday, May 11, 2014 2pm-5pm
Place: Dia.lo.gue Artspace

Who may dominate the society in next 30 years? How may human look like, man, woman, or the alien from universe? Using unmatched used toy, piecing them together, the participants will create a figure that may represent our future to come. Participants will learn creative steps including idea generation, idea selection, and idea application. By putting unrelated elements together, it is expected that participants will experience the power of creative idea that allows ordinary objects to be transformed into extraordinary.

Objective: Enhance participants’s creative skill and help think out of the box